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Clemens Holzmeister - Neues Bauen zwischen Blankenese und Ankara
Vortrag über den Architekten der Kirche Maria Grün (26.10., 17 Uhr, Jenisch Haus, Anm. erf.)
Tag des offenen Denkmals Hamburg 2018 – gute Stimmung bei großem Besucherandrang

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Here you can find information on the series “Archive in Stone” and the associated traveling exhibition.

Jewish Cemetery Altona, Königstraße 10a

Traveling exhibitions of the Hamburg Monument Foundation

The following two traveling exhibitions developed by us can currently be borrowed on loan from the Hamburg Monument Foundation:

  •  Archiv aus Stein. 400 Jahre Jüdischer Friedhof Königstraße
  •  Orte der Erinnerung. Die jüdischen Friedhöfe Wien-Währing u. Hamburg-Altona

General Information

  • The exhibitions are suitable for both museums and smaller spaces, since it is possible to make a selection of the panels.
  •  The exhibitions are on cloth panels (ca. 200 x 80 cm) and are mounted on an available picture molding/image bar using a special system for hanging that is supplied.Walls for mounting are not required.
  •  We can provide the exhibitions free of charge. You are responsible only for covering transport costs and insurance.
  • As a rule, the exhibition is put on loan for a period of 10 weeks. Special arrangements are possible.
  •  You can obtain information material on the exhibition and DVDs or brochures at a special price from us.
  • We assume that you will mount the Foundation banner and place information material on our foundation at a place visible for visitors to the exhibition.

More information can be found in the pdf below:


Sharing Heritage - Europäisches Kulturerbejahr 2018

Das von der Europäischen Kommission ins Leben gerufene Europäische Kulturerbejahr möchte zu einer Auseinandersetzung der Bürger Europas mit ihrer Kultur beitragen. Die Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburg beteiligt sich mit zwei Projekten.

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