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„Jüdische Architektur in Hamburg“ (Teil 2)
Vortragveranstaltung zum Internationalen Denkmaltag am 20.04.2021, 18.30 Uhr
Jüdischer Friedhof Altona bis 15. Mai geschlossen


Berenberg Bank

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Services offered for schools

Jewish Cemetery, Königstraße 10a, Altona

The Altona Jewish Cemetery is closed due to the current situation till 15.05.2021.
The current ordinance to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 FHH coronavirus can be found here.

A special educational programme has been developed for the Jewish Cemetery Altona. This programme has been designed especially for:

  • Groups of children and school pupils
  • Groups external to schools (such as candidates for religious confirmation)
  • Young adults
  • Educational programmes for teachers, trainers and educators
    (Booking and information directly at the Hamburg Monument Foundation)
    After a detailed tour through the cemetery, topics you wish to discuss are addressed and connected with relevant school syllabus themes. Stimuli are presented to encourage intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.
    In addition, possibilities are presented for exploring Jewish topics by means of art, where pupils can gain inspiration from the expressive power of funerary art extending over several centuries.

Special features forschool classes:

  • Meetings can be booked individually, and likewise at times other than the general hours normally open to the public
  • There are special charges for school classes
  • Individual agreements (key aspects) can be arranged

The Eduard Duckesz House contains a seminar room seating a maximum of 40 persons. The visitors’ center can be utilized by schools as a place for learning external to the school, where pupils are given the possibility to further explore the history of the cemetery, the important gravestones and the history of persons buried there.

Please note that due to insurance reasons guided tours with external guides are not permitted. Please book reservations at the Museum Service Unit Hamburg by telephone 0049 - 40 - 428 131 - 0 or online in order to obtain the special charge for pupils.


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Der Israelitische Tempel in Hamburg - Präsentation der Publikation durch die Autoren

Vorträge von PD Dr. Andreas Brämer , PD Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knufinke und Prof. Dr. Miriam Rürup. Link



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