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Anscharhöhe Foundation - Tarpenbekstrasse 107, Hamburg-North

For the pedagogical reformer Alma de l'Aigle, the love of nature was an important source of strength. In the large garden of her parental home, Alma cultivated rare roses, numerous kinds of fruit and even wine, She allowed her pupils and neighbours to participate in the harvest.

When the legendary plot of land was facing the prospect of construction, an initiative which led to the creation of the Society for Promoting Horticulture (Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Gartenkultur e.V.) managed to achieve preservation of a third of the original garden, with horticultural rarities such as old roses and fruit trees. The garden is now located on the grounds of the Anscharhöhe Foundation, and is under the aegis of the Hamburg Monument Foundation. 

A flyer on the Garden Alma de l’Aigle in German language can be obtained from the Hamburg Monument Foundation. You can download a version here.

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Roses in the Garden Alma de l’Aigle Roses in the Garden Alma de l’Aigle
Grapes in the Garden Alma de l’Aigle Grapes in the Garden Alma de l’Aigle
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