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Jakobikirchhof 22, Hamburg-Centre

Hamburg’s only preserved Baroque hall is located above the sacristy in an extension of
St. James Church (St. Jacobikirche). Not only church policy was formulated in the Ministers’ Hall, decorated with the coats of arms of former pastors and vicars of the parish. Church leaders intervened here actively in the administration of the city, but also conducted joyous celebrations. This is evident in the embellishment of the hall. The painter J. M. Riesenberger, active working for the Hamburg theatre, created a number of ceiling paintings and wall coverings.

During restoration work in 1992, Renaissance frescoes were discovered underneath the wall coverings (including a fresco of David playing the harp), which likewise should be preserved.

The frescoes were saved with the help of the Hamburg Monument Foundation. It was possible to create a movable frame for the wall covering guaranteeing constant access to the Renaissance paintings lying behind.


Faltblatt „Förderungen 2021“

2021 konnte die Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburgs Denkmäler mit 260.000 € unterstützen! Die geförderten Denkmäler finden sich in dem neu erschienenen Faltblatt „Förderungen 2021“.


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