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Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburg fördert ältesten Paternoster der Welt
Trauer um Konstantin Kleffel


Hamburger Sparkasse

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About us

Established in 1978 by the city of Hamburg as an incorporated foundation in civil law and recognized as a non-profit organisation, the Hamburg Preservation Foundation is engaged in active monument preservation and maintenance. Numerous buildings valuable for the history of the city have already been acquired and restored. The revenue from rental income and from donations is utilised for new projects. In addition, the Foundation issues pertinent publications, arranges exhibitions, lectures, monument fairs and the Heritage Day.  

Main aims of the Foundation

  • Acquisition, reconditioning and exemplary restoration of its own buildings
  • Subsidies for various monument projects and generating of the necessary funds for this purpose
  • Publications on Hamburg’s cultural monuments
  • PR work to raise awareness the preservation of the historical face of the city

The locale of the Foundation is the last section of street spared from demolition in the former Gängeviertel / Waywalk district at the corner of Bäckerbreitergang and Dragonerstall. The buildings owned by the Foundation comprise a core of genuine Hamburg architectural culture of previous centuries, patterned after the National Trust in Great Britain: they extend from the Bäckerbreitergang (Bakers’ Broadway), via the Fontenay Houses and the Chancellor’s House in Harburg to the Holländermühle (Dutch Mill) in Bergedorf.


Die Stiftung Denkmalpflege Hamburg wurde im Jahr 2000 ausgezeichnet von der größten Fachmesse denkmal mit der Goldmedaille für herausragende Leistungen in der Denkmalpflege in Europa gemeinsam mit dem Nationalmuseum Warschau für hervorragende restauratorische Leistungen im Kontext deutsch-polnischer Zusammenarbeit.



The Jewish Cemetery in Altona is over 400 years old and the candidate of the city of Hamburg for recognition as UNESCO World Heritage site. The Hamburg Preservation Foundation has constructed a visitors’ centre, maintains regular opening hours and organises tours by qualified guides.


Videos zum Abruf

Der Israelitische Tempel in Hamburg

Vorträge von PD Dr. Andreas Brämer , PD Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knufinke und Prof. Dr. Miriam Rürup. Link


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Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE46 2005 0550 1501 6592 11

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The Bäckerbreitergang is the only preserved remnant of Hamburg’s once notori-
ous WayWalk district and the location of the Founda-
tion. The residential half-
timbered houses under monument protection from the 18th and 19th cent. and the building Dragonerstall 9-13 are the property of the Foundation, which is restoring the houses and preserving them as an low-price living area.

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